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We work closely with the church staff in our federation. More information about the work within the Diocese for these churches can be found at:


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Collective Worship

All Saints, Hapton and St. Andrew’s aim to have a daily act of collective worship, providing all pupils and staff with the opportunity to pray and reflect as a means of spiritual growth, advancing their personal religious understanding, experience and commitment.

All acts of worship have a Christian focus which is derived from a Christian value (from a three year rolling programme), the church calendar or Anglican tradition. The focus from Collective worship is then reinforced during the school day as it is believed to be fundamental to the school community’s spiritual depth and ethos. All acts of worship (where possible) take place in the hall and include music, singing, praying and opportunity for reflection. During acts of worship, Christian symbols will provide a visual focus, participants may pass the peace and a candle will be lit on the table draped in colours of the Church year. As part of an act of worship participants may listen to a story, song, poem or biblical passage, join in drama or provide a personal testimony. Visual props will be used where relevant.

Prayers are also said before lunch. Each classroom has its own worship area.
Once a half term, each class will plan and lead the school in its own act of worship.

School Prayer

All Saints CEVA Primary School Prayer

This is our school
Let peace surround us
Let the rooms be full of contentment
Let love abide us
Love of one another
Love of mankind
Love of life itself
Love of God
Let us remember
As many hands build a house
So many hearts build a school


Links to the Parish Church

The Saints Federation works closely with the local churches. Harvest, Christmas and Easter is celebrated in the church with church services every year. End of term services are also held three times a year in church.

All Saints CEVA Primary School pupils regularly attend St Mary’s Church in Winfarthing.

Hapton CEVA Primary School pupils regularly attend St Margaret’s Church in Hapton.

St Andrew’s CEVA Primary School pupils regularly attend St Nicholas’ Church in North Lopham, St Andrew’s Church in South Lopham and St Andrew’s Church in Blo’ Norton.

The Rev’d from each church regularly visits the pupils in school. They lead collective worship and work with the pupils.